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Because we spin the yarns used in our Owen Glove linings, you can be assured that our fiber is what we say it is. For example, our 100% virgin wool lining is made from wool which has never been spun into yarn before. We can custom-blend a lining fabric fiber for you to meet your client’s special needs.

We have combined our wool yarns with modacrylic fibers, with all synthetics such as nylon and acrylic, aramid fibers like Kevlar, and cellulose fibers like bamboo, soybean, hemp and rayon. We intimate blend the fibers before spinning. That is, bales of wool are mixed with the designated fiber, then spun into yarn and knitted. This ensures a thorough homogeneous blend of the fibers before they are spun into the yarn.


The “face” or wool side of Owen Glove’s linings is made in a three-step process using woolen ring-spun yarn. Step one: The first step in spun yarn manufacture is the production of sliver (sly-ver), which is a continuous strand of loosely assembled fibers without a twist. Step two: Owen Glove Lining takes the sliver, drafts it out to the desired yarn size and inserts a twist. The twist increases the wool yarn’s strength, smoothness and uniformity. Step three: The twisted yarn is then wound onto cones and knitted together with a backing to make the lining. 

Our manufacturing process results in a product where, approximately 50-70% of the weight of the lining is in the “face” or wool side. Besides providing more protection and warmth, lining fabrics manufactured by Owen Glove Lining have more integrity and dexterity AND last longer. 


Minimum order is one role of standard lining fabric or approximately 60 yards. Linings are sold by the pound. Owen Glove Linings can be sold as 30” knitted tubes, or slit to 60” wide. There is a minimal charge for slitting. Lining available on 1.5'' or 3'' cores. Samples of our linings are available. Please contact us to discuss which lining products may be suitable for you.


Delivery of standard lining fabrics is usually two weeks. Shipment dates can be advised at the time of ordering and every effort will be made to meet your production needs. Shipping by the roll is via UPS or rolls can be palletized and shipped via common carrier, FOB Two Rivers, WI.